Why we like the Ocean Endeavour cruise ship

  • One of the larger ships currently operating in The Arctic, her substantial tonnage means greater stability and therefore comfort on sea days
  • There are some outstanding onboard facilities, including two restaurants and full spa facilities, which small ships simply don’t have the space for
  • Generous public areas and outer deck space means everyone has plenty of room, particularly during wildlife sightings
  • The experienced team onboard ensure that the zodiac logistics are slick and that everyone gets the most out of the off ship landings
  • Kayaking is offered on this ship

Ocean Endeavour - Arctic Vessel

Trips Aboard Ocean Endeavour

Northwest Passage, Ellesmere & West Greenland

Traversing west to east this voyage takes you to iconic sites such as Cambridge Bay, Lancaster and Smith Sounds and Ellesmere Island, before exploring the fjords and towns of West Greenland. Bears, narwhal, musk ox, beluga and northern lights are…

  • 17 Days
  • $11,995
Arctic Wildlife Safari: Northwest Passage

An all consuming introduction to the Arctic, with a strong focus on wildlife, this trip is hard to beat. Search for bears, narwhal, beluga, walrus and musk ox, marvel at Greenland's ‘big ice’ and learn about the early explorers as…

  • 12 Days
  • $7,595
Wilderness Explorer: Greenland, Labrador & Newfoundland

In two weeks and over 2,200 nautical miles, sail from west Greenland to Newfoundland along Canada’s dramatic Labrador coast. Along the way explore four pristine Canadian National Parks. Prepare to be wowed by the variety with everything from Inuit culture…

  • 15 Days
  • $6,995
Northwest Passage: In Franklin's Footsteps

The big ice and small towns of West Greenland provide a stunning start to this trip before you sail across the Davis Straight to Baffin Island and enter the Northwest Passage. Blend history, scenery and wildlife; pay your respects at…

  • 17 Days
  • $11,995
Into the Wild: Baffin & West Greenland

Visits to Canadian and Greenlandic communities Inuit history and culture are at the core of this journey, among those stops both Kinngait, the centre of Inuit Art and Nuuk, Greenland's capital are included. There's plenty of wildlife opportunities too with…

  • 13 Days
  • $4,995

Technical Specifications

  • ​Passenger capacity: 199 passengers
  • Ice​ class rating: Ice class 1B
  • Size​: 137m long x 21m wide
  • Built in: Poland, 1981
  • Other key feature: Unique experiences like mountain biking and yoga classes

Cabin Categories

*Note that the above measurements are approximate averages and exact cabin size can vary

All cabins provide private washroom facilities, TV and radio, and an electrical supply (220 Volts, 50 Hz.).

Owner's Suite (cat. 10)

  • Most comfortable and well appointed cabin of all the vessels that visit The Arctic
  • Forward-facing picture windows, unobstructed view for stunning views of The Arctic
  • Located on Deck 7
  • Largest cabin on board, with lounge
  • Double bed
  • Own bathtub, standing out from all the cabin types below

Junior Suite (cat. 9)

  • Features a comfortable double bed
  • Two large windows for magnificent views
  • Located on Deck 5 and 7
  • Cabins on Deck 7 are slightly larger than those on Deck 5
  • Deck 7 cabins have forward-facing picture windows, unobstructed view; double bed, private bath with full tub, sitting area
  • Deck 5 cabins have picture windows, unobstructed view; double bed, and sitting area

Superior Twin (cat. 8)

  • Double bed for good sleep
  • Located on the Deck 5 and 7
  • Deck 5 cabins have two picture windows, unobstructed view; two lower berths
  • Deck 7 have forward-facing picture windows, unobstructed view; double bed, private bath with full tub
  • Deck 7 midship cabins have picture windows, partial obstruction; double bed

Select Twin (cat. 7)

  • One window offering great views of The Arctic
  • Seating area for relaxation
  • Located on Deck 5 and 8, cabins on Deck 5 are slightly larger
  • Deck 5 cabins have picture windows, unobstructed view, two lower berths
  • Deck 8 have oversize windows, partial obstruction, double bed, private bath, refrigerator

Comfort Twin (cat. 6)

  • Two single beds or double bed
  • Located on decks 4, 7 and 8: cabins on Deck 4 are the largest, those on Deck 7 are the smallest
  • Deck 4 cabins have two porthole windows, unobstructed view; two lower berths
  • Deck 7 cabins have picture window, partial obstruction; two lower berths
  • Deck 8 cabins have picture windows, obstructed view; double bed
  • All have private bath and refrigerator
Ocean Endeavour - Arctic Ship

Main Twin Window (cat. 5)

  • Single beds
  • One window to admire The Arctic
  • Located on Deck 5
  • Picture window, unobstructed view; two lower berths, private bath

Exterior Twin Porthole (cat. 4)

  • Twins or singles: the twins are slightly larger that the singles
  • Porthole window
  • Located on Deck 4
  • Porthole window, unobstructed view; two lower berths, private bath

Interior Twin (cat. 3)

  • Twins or singles: twins are slightly larger than singles
  • Highest level of privacy on board the Endeavour
  • Interior cabins without portholes or windows
  • Located on Deck 5
  • Interior cabin, two lower berths, private bath

Interior Triple (cat. 2)

  • Great for sharing or a group of friends
  • Single beds
  • Interior cabins without portholes or windows
  • Located on Deck 4
  • Interior cabin, three lower berths, two private baths

Communal Areas

With a juice and smoothie bar, health and fitness facilities using all organic products, and separate His & Hers saunas, luxury is the common thread to the Ocean Endeavour's features. Join yoga and stretching classes or plan your own workout in the fitness centre, before embracing the benefits of the heated salt water pool.

The friendly atmosphere and range of public spaces, to either chill out in or take part in seminars or events, heighten the sense of connection between guests and experiences of the journey shared. A library and contemplative quiet zone are also offered - you can expect full rest and relaxation from your stay.

Deck Plan

Onboard Communications & Facilities

If whilst in the Arctic you wish to stay in touch, there are a number of options to choose from:

  • Internet & wifi: available as a pre-paid PIN card; 100mb cards cost $100. You can connect your personal device in Wi-Fi spots in the public spaces and (with a more limited connection) in the cabins. 
  • Satellite phone card:  $0.25/minute when calling to the USA.
  • Ship-based email: $30 (text-based email only)
  • Mail: it is possible to send mail from the ship

This is for light data traffic only, and text-only emails. The above prices are approximate.

Other facilities include:

  • Plugs: European 220V two-round-pinned sockets
  • Towels, toiletries and hair dryers
  • Laundry service (additional cost)

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