Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Canadian Arctic

  1. A landscape of vast untouched wilderness; over 36,000 different islands and covering around 500,000 square miles
  2. Canada is one of the best places in the world to see polar bears in the wild
  3. The Northwest Passage and the rich history of its exploration continues to be a draw for many
  4. Canada's thriving Inuit communities provides great interest
  5. Whether you come to explore on foot, onboard a ship, by vehicle or plane, the Canadian Arctic offers unparalleled choice in terms of experiences

Trips to the Canadian Arctic

Major Landmarks in the Canadian Arctic Region

Canadian Arctic: Your Questions Answered

  • What is the Canadian Arctic?

    Canada's Arctic makes up over 40% of the country’s landmass and is the portion north of the Arctic Circle which lies east of Alaska and west of Greenland. A significant part of this comprises a group of over 36,500 islands called the Canadian Arctic archipelago, located in Nunavut and part of the Northwest Territories.

  • How do I get there?

    With distances being so vast the only way to access the Canadian Arctic is by flying. Edmonton and Ottawa are the main gateways for onward scheduled and charter flights further north to where you embark/ disembark the boat. Iqaluit on Baffin Island, Cambridge Bay, Resolute and Kugluktuk (Coppermine), and Kangerlussuaq in West Greenland, are the more popular airports when taking Canadian Arctic cruises.

  • During which months can I travel to the Canadian Arctic?

    Typically July and August have the most number of voyages from which to choose. By then the passages have become freer from ice allowing safe passage.

  • What are the Canadian Arctic’s key attractions to the traveller?

    The Canadian Arctic is rich in history, particularly around the search for the fabled Northwest Passage. Many people also head north to see the wildlife, as well as learn about the First Nations people of Canada’s far north.

  • Will I see Arctic wildlife?

    The wildlife in The Arctic isn’t as plentiful and guaranteed as it is in Antarctica, however it is there and can be seen with patience and tenacity. Some parts of the Canadian Arctic are better than others, and as ever with wildlife, there is a certain amount of luck involved.

  • Which is the best month to travel there?

    It partly depends on what you are interested in. For those wanting to transit the Northwest Passage, August is the best month when the channels between the islands have become free of ice.

  • What is the average trip length to the Canadian Arctic?

    Approx. 13 days in length, however those transiting the Northwest Passage or combining with West Greenland are typically 17 - 20 days in length.

  • How much can I expect to pay?

    From £5,000 per person upwards, depending on the length of the voyage and the ship you are on.

  • When should I start to plan my trip?

    To be confident of securing your preferred option the answer is - the sooner the better. Typically departure dates are released 18 months in advance.

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