What does a luxury expedition cruise offer?

  • On board the ship the focus on service and attention to detail is evident everywhere from award-winning restaurants to stunningly appointed suites
  • Many ships offer spa treatments, gyms with personal trainers and even swimming pools
  • These ships are not the huge cruise liners you might expect, they are ice-class expedition ships with between 140 and 300 passengers
  • These trips are still expeditions, you can expect to be making daily landings with your highly experienced expedition team

What to expect from your luxury cruise

The experience: This is where you find the very best expedition teams, handpicked for their expertise and passion for all things Arctic. Their experience makes all the difference, as they are the ones getting you off the ship and onto shore, maximising your time exploring the ice and tundra. Working alongside them is a dedicated hotel team who ensure that life onboard is as comfortable as possible. With the crew to guest ratio at nearly 1:1 on some ships, the service is attentive and personal, allowing you to relax while on board, and really get the most out of the Arctic whilst out exploring.

Luxury Arctic Cruises

Cabins & communal spaces: With beautifully appointed and spacious cabins, often with balconies from which to watch the ice in the midnight sun, your home on these ships has everything you could need. Away from your suite you'll find a choice of lounges and ample deck space, where the team of specialists is never far away. Dedicated lecture theatres and libraries allow you to learn as you travel, while a choice of restaurants and bars means there is always somewhere social to meet with other travellers. 

Food: Even at the end of the world, here you'll find gourmet menus and selected wines, with restaurants including hot stone and Relais & Chateaux options.

Luxury Arctic Cruises

Choosing your luxury Arctic expedition

Luxury is often hard to quantify. For some, it will be the service and facilities. For others, it is traveling alongside the very best guides in the industry, eager to share their expertise. The vessels that we term as luxury combine each of these elements, with every angle considered from the linen on your bed to the stabilisers keeping the ship level, to the mix of landing sites visited. Ships in this category range from size from 12 to 300 passengers and differ in the host of facilities they offer.

Talk to us about what is important to you and use our knowledge of the boats to help you choose the one that suits you best.

Luxury Arctic Cruises

Zodiac cruising in Svalbard

Our best luxury Arctic expeditions

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Alex says

These are once-in-a-lifetime trips, opulent adventuring where you know you're getting the very best. The smallest of touches have been meticulously thought through, so these voyages will always be a cut above anything else you'll find in the Arctic.

Alex Mudd Polar Specialist

Luxury vessels sailing to the Arctic

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