Why we like the Polarfront cruise ship

  • The only small ship in Svalbard offering true luxury and a high-end experience
  • Very generously proportioned suites for a ship of its size
  • Outdoor sauna and hot tub on the aft deck
  • Alcohol & soft drinks included on all departures
  • Almost all food is either organic or locally sourced
  • Very stable (former weather ship) making for comfortable sailing
  • Experienced captains with the highest ice navigation qualifications

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Technical Specifications

  • Passenger capacity: 12
  • Ice Class Rating: 1C
  • Length: 55 m
  • Built in/Refurbished in: 1975/2018
  • Other key features: great hull shape to navigate ice, anti-rolling tank due to her previous life as a weather ship, outdoor sauna and hot tub

Cabin Categories

Polarfront Suite

Cabin size: 18.8 - 19.3m² 

Location: near the front of the vessel

Suite 1 - Mirage: Large bathroom; door opens to connect to Cabin 3; one closet that’s located in the hall to  Cabin  3; two portholes in sleeping/living space; beds can’t be combined.

Suite 3 - Alize: Separate  living  and  sleeping  room; less  space  around  bed  sides; separate  toilet  and  shower; connecting  doors  to  Cabin  1  if  sharing  with  family; two  portholes  in  sleeping  space; one  porthole  in  living  room; 3  closets  next  to  the  bed; less  easy  access  to  closets,  but  lots  of  closet  space.

Suite 4 - Mistral: Bathroom is one unit; 4  closets  +  1 large cubby means theres lots of storage space: good for photographers; two portholes in sleeping/living space; narrow support pole next to closets when you walk in.  

Deluxe Suite

Cabin size: 19.8 - 23.3m²,

Location: one forward, one mid-ship, and one aft

Suite 5 - Sirocco: Spacious - offers sitting and sleeping areas as one unit; two portholes; bathroom is one unit ; 3  closets.

Suite  2 - Convergence: Spacious cabin as one unit; spacious bathroom as one unit; two portholes in sleeping/living space; 3  closets.

Suite  11 - Mascaret: 3 portholes in sleeping/living space; spacious and nicely-laid-out cabin; 2 closets; closest in layout to Owner’s suite with stable and private location on ship 

Owner's Suite

Cabin size:  26.8m²

Location: mid-ship

Suite 9 - Harmattan: One large living and sleeping room; separate toilet and shower areas; 3 closets and adjacent open shelving; 4  portholes in sleeping/living space.

Deck Plan

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