Reasons to take an Arctic voyage

  1. The Arctic has few hotels. For a vast area largely devoid of infrastructure, traveling by ship - which acts as your floating hotel - is ideal
  2. The antithesis of a traditional cruise, these small ship expedition voyages are active, adventurous and fully immersive
  3. Traveling by ice-strengthened ship under a flexible itinerary affords both the ability to access remote regions and to make the most of the wildlife and weather opportunities
  4. Daily off ship excursions on foot and by zodiac allows you to experience the Arctic environment up close and personal
  5. Accompanying you is a team of Polar experts who provide a strong educational dimension and are a source of great stories!

What is expedition cruising?

Expedition cruising is about as far from a traditional cruise as possible, yet still on board a ship. These trips are educational and active, they are about experiencing the environment as you pass through it and being flexible to the conditions and opportunities that present themselves.

There will be daily landings to get off the ship and explore wherever the opportunity presents itself. The itineraries are also flexible to allow for changeable ice conditions and wildlife opportunities that come up along the way.


Ships themselves vary from fairly basic to verging on opulent but one thing runs through the DNA of all those that we partner with and that is a strong expedition focus. If you have never done a cruise and are put off by the word then it is best to discount it.

These are ship-based expeditions designed to show you the best of the Arctic.


Choosing your Arctic expedition cruise

For many people, the driving force behind wanting to visit the Arctic is to see polar bears.  Svalbard often tops the list, but recently the Russian Far East has seen some of the most spectacular sightings. the Northwest Passage is home to bears but also narwhal. With a multitude of whales, seals, and countless birds to be seen you are never short of something new to spot.

Each destination also has its own individual history and culture including ancient sod houses in the Northwest Passage, colourful Greenlandic towns, and research stations in Svalbard. As the geology of each region varies, so does the way you interact with the ice, crashing through it to the North Pole or following the edge of it in Svalbard.


Due to all the variables it is crucial that you chose the right ship and itinerary. Things to consider include: size of the vessel, not just how many people it carries but its physical size too; ice rating, a higher class will allow for more exploration; the number of specialists on board; and the style of trip: relaxing or adventurous, basic or luxurious

We hope that there is plenty of information on these pages to help you choose but that you will also get in touch to ask us questions. Between us we have over 50 years experience of polar expedition cruising and we can use that to ensure you are on the best trip and ship for you.

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