Top Reasons to Visit The Arctic in October

By October and November temperatures in The Arctic have plummeted, bringing an end to the summer tourist season. In coastal areas the sea ice is re-forming, encasing the region once again in its icy grip.

This phenomenon leads to the largest accumulation of polar bears around Churchill each year, the Polar bear capital of the world, and near guaranteed sightings as they wait for the ice of Hudson Bay to re-freeze.

Arctic Travel - October

Arctic Cruises 2020

Arctic Cruises 2020

2020 sees new ships and an unprecedented choice of voyages from Svalbard to the Northwest Passage and the Russian High Arctic. Anyone sailing north is in for a treat.

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Arctic Cruises 2021

Arctic Cruises 2021

Commit to making that dreamed-of Arctic adventure happen in 2021. Our 2021 guide includes all released trip dates per season; have a read through and contact us to further discuss …

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