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Spanning over 5 million square miles and encompassing 8 sovereign nations, we're regularly asked where to go in the Arctic as the choice on offer is so overwhelming.

Wildlife enthusiasts can discover the realm of the polar bear in Svalbard, history buffs can relive the four-century search for the fabled Northwest Passage through the Canadian Arctic, adventurers can explore the edge of the habitable world by snowmobile or dog sled in Greenland and destination baggers can cross the far north off their bucket lists with a visit to the North Pole - a dream shared by many, but achieved by few. 

Arctic Map

Arctic Map
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The area incorporates 8 different Arctic States: United States, Canada, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, and Sweden. Having accommodated for human life for over 20,000 years, the Arctic is an unmissable beauty.

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