Life before Swoop

Always a lover of all things cold, my early career began training as a ski instructor in Canada and spending the winter in British Columbia. From there I spent many years working in the ski industry, where it was my job to know as much as possible about ski resorts, travel options and ski gear.

I’ve always had the travel bug, and that has taken me skiing across much of Europe and North America. One of the greatest ski experiences is Canada’s “Champagne Powder” - cold, dry powder snow you float through on your skis. I was lucky enough to spend a year doing that!

I’ve always had the urge to go to the extreme of anywhere. Be it the most southerly, most northerly, highest point or lowest point - I find the most obscure places on a map and plan out how to get there! In my lifetime I’d love to get to the north and south poles


My polar experience


On my first trip to Svalbard, I snowmobiled 500 miles around Spitsbergen and encountered a mother polar bear with her two cubs, out on the ice. I felt so privileged to see them and have carried that memory with me ever since. I believe it’s something everyone should try to see. I’m a lover of all things cold, a qualified ski instructor and full-time obsessor of our polar regions.

I’ve explored large parts of Scandinavia, Iceland, the Faroe Islands (an absolute must!) and much of western Canada. I’m yet to make it down to Antarctica, but as you might expect, it’s top of my list.

Day to day at Swoop


I specialise in the Arctic region. My day is spent helping my clients plan their trip of a lifetime, to experience first hand just how spectacular the whole region is. Learning is another key part of each day. Polar travel is very dynamic and changes all the time, so it’s hugely important we keep up to date. Not everyone can say they work within their passion, but I can and I never take that for granted. 

Why I love the Arctic


Wherever you go in the Arctic you’re guaranteed to be blown away. I love the extreme climate, the remoteness, the wildlife and the hugely diverse terrain. It’s also steeped in history, and it’s fascinating learning about local cultures, past exploration and numerous expeditions across the region. There are only a few places left on earth where you can feel true wilderness, and the Arctic is one of them.

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