Arctic travel in Spring 2022

Arctic Cruises 2022


Experience the enthralling transition of the Arctic seasons by travelling to the continent in March, when the return of the sun and light is beginning to be felt. Stunning photography is on the cards with long shadows, 'blue light', and the ongoing activity of the Northern Lights, while some faster-paced aspects of your itinerary may involve dog-sledding or snowmobiling.

Photo by Dave Weisman

Photo by Dave Weisman


The great thaw takes place, enabling the first expedition opportunities of the year. Have your hiking shoes and skis to hand, ready to explore the land of walrus (and their cubs!). With the sun still low in the sky, you can expect incredible sunsets.


See in the start of 24-hour daylight and travel under the wings of flocks of seabirds headed back to the Arctic. Whales draw nearer to the shore in search of food, while polar bears are increasingly visible, particularly in Svalbard where the mighty creatures are beginning to hunt and breed.

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Arctic travel in Summer 2022

Arctic Cruises 2022

Bearded seal offshore from Spitsbergen


Visiting the Arctic in June you'll undoubtedly experience a true frenzy of wildlife activity. Company is likely to include different species of whales, all returning to milder local waters, unbelievable numbers of sea-birds, nesting and laying eggs, and the iconic mammal of the Arctic – the polar bear – roaming on the land and ice.

Arctic Cruises 2022

Famous bird cliffs at Alkefjellet


With the continuing melt of the sea Ice, ships plan their course through the Hinlopen Strait and the Northwest Passage, and to the Canadian High Arctic and Greenland's west coast. If reaching the Geographic North Pole is a particular tug on your heart, July just might be the time to take on the challenge.


Still very much the height of the summer season, exploration opportunities remain excitingly broad. Seek out sightings of the high population of polar bears on the west coast of Spitsbergen, now fully accessible, or journey into the world's largest fjord system – the enigmatic Scoresby Sound. You'll also witness huge colonies of seabirds flying south, as they commence their journeys to winter dwellings.

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Arctic travel in Autumn 2022



Those eager to discover Greenland are well-advised to travel during September, during which time you can admire the striking colours of blooming wildflowers as well as the increased visibility of the Northern Lights. Across the region, polar bears are looking for appropriate dens for the winter, while the re-introduction of darker night skies makes for incredible vistas as the sun casts its red evening light.

Arctic Cruises 2022

The Arctic trees surrounded by the lights


Outside of the main tourist months, the chance to seek out up-close encounters with polar bears may draw you to Churchill where you can marvel at their wonder while witnessing their mass migration. As the sea ice grows thicker, and the temperatures fall, the dazzling performances of the Northern Lights become more frequent. The lack of other cruises allows you to experience the rich traditional culture the Arctic has to offer. 


A trip to the Arctic in November is sure to inspire your appreciation for the hardiness of its residents in a profound way. You'll witness their adaptation to life in the winter, as well as the strong focus on celebrating the Northern Lights as the winter settles in. Like October, polar bears sightings in Churchill are very promising, as groups hunt along the edge of the ice forming on Hudson Bay.

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