About Me

Life before Swoop

Growing up in Scotland always meant I was only an hour away from a Munro or the coast - which has fuelled my love of the outdoors and watersports. From an early age I was hiking up mountains, cycling around lochs or playing on beaches - and each winter I learnt to ski in the Alps. Whilst at school and university I was a competitive dinghy sailor, which led me into working as a qualified RYA watersports instructor in both Greece and Scotland over my summer breaks.

My Polar Experience 

As I look after both polar regions for Swoop customers, I was thrilled to head south to Antarctica in February 2022; this was a dream come true for me as a lifelong polar wildlife fanatic!  However, my biggest surprise was the icebergs - I was fascinated by their immense size, and the myriad colours and shapes are just beautiful. It's safe to say, the wildlife and landscapes of the polar regions have really captivated me.

Day to day at Swoop

As one of the awesome Polar Booking Coordinators here at Swoop - I am part of the team that make your trip to Antarctica or the Arctic happen. We dot the i's, cross the t's, book any requested add-ons and make your travel itinerary shine. Day to day tasks can really vary, from answering customer questions and completing itineraries to organising a dream Antarctic wedding for some lucky passengers!

Why I love the Great Outdoors

I am not very good at sitting on a beach and reading a book - so I get very excited when planning my next adventure break. I enjoy visiting new places and taking in as much of the local culture as possible - mostly through local cuisine! A mix of hiking and visiting cool cities is my ideal trip, which has taken me along the North Coast 500, Yosemite National Park and most recently to Kazbegi’s Gergeti glacier in Georgia. I gained my PADI open water diving certificate during a trip to Malaysia, which is where I first learned about sustainability and the human impact on the planet. 


Summmiting a steep climb

My next adventure

I am really interested in some epic rail trips through Europe (and beyond) - to tick off as many countries as possible without flying! As a big sports fan I am also aiming to travel to the next Rugby World Cup, and also to an Olympic Games as soon as I can!

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