What will I do on a Greenland cruise?

Given the distances between landing sites, you can expect approx. 1 - 2 excursions a day lasting approx. 2-3 hours each involving exploring on foot and by zodiac.

  • Weaving between towering icebergs where photo opportunities abound
  • Walking the tundra, wrapped in its reddish hues, keeping a sharp eye for musk ox
  • Going ashore to explore small communities and their traditional ways
  • Scanning for whales and other marine mammals, common to these waters

Top Landing Sites in West Greenland


An unusually beautiful place, the view is characterised by the Uummannaq fjord, decorated by icebergs produced by the numerous glaciers in the region and by the striking fells on the Nuussuaq peninsula and the islands in the area. If you’re lucky, you may spot whales that frequent the fjord.

Life this far north is to a greater degree characterised by traditional customs and ways of life than further south, with hunting and fishing as a significant source of income. It is a fantastic place for hiking and spectacular geological phenomena.

Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland


Karrat Fjord

Karrat Fjord is one of Greenland's most spectacular fjords. Ringed in by magnificent towering cliffs, whether exploring on foot or by zodiac, there are unbeaten photographic opportunities.

Plus, the fjords rich marine life means whales are commonly sighted, and migratory summer visitors make full use of the cliffs for nesting and breeding. It’s often used as the location for an outdoor BBQ on the ships stern deck.


Trekkers on Karrat island

Top Landing Sites in East Greenland


Located on a rocky knoll at the mouth of the vast Scoresby Sund fjord system, the small community of Ittoqqortoormiit is one of the most isolated places on the planet and passing ships are always warmly welcomed.

Iced in for much of the year, hunting and fishing continue to play a crucial role. As you explore the village you’ll find Greenandic sled dogs everywhere (don’t get too close!), and its not uncommon to see animal skins hanging to dry. There’s a shop selling the basics and a post office.



Nestled between Andree Land and Ymer Island, this sheltered beach located deep inside the NE Greenland National Park offers a great view over Kaiser Franz Joseph Fjord’s colourful mountains.

Enjoy a walk along the beach, visit the small trappers hut or go for a longer hike to the upper lake for a 360 view of the area. Its lush arctic vegetation is a great place for hares and lemmings.


Payer Land

This is often the northernmost area which the ice pack allows expedition ships to explore, before being stopped by the impenetrable ice.

Separated from Clavering Island by Copeland Fjord, its a great place for a walk, enjoying the dwarf birch tree in full autumn colours and the wonderful scenery. There are also good chances of seeing Musk Ox here.


Rode (Red) Fjord

Nestled deep inside the sprawling Scoresby Sund fjord system, Rode fjord is marked out by its rich red cliffs and iceberg graveyard.

Towering grounded icebergs make it a perfect location for zodiac cruises and this site features as a ‘must see’ on almost all itineraries exploring Scoresby Sund in September when ice allows access.

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Alex says

I love visiting small communities for the fascinating insights into a largely traditional way of life in spite of the inevitable encroachment of the modern world: ubiquitous sled dogs, racks of drying fish and cheerfully coloured houses. However, this isn’t Disneyland. Discarded rusting machinery and drying animal skins are all part of life’s rich tapestry too up there.

Alex Mudd Polar Specialist

Cruises in West Greenland

Cruises in East Greenland

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