Things to know

  • Seasonality is a significant factor in Greenland and hugely influences the activities available
  • Spring (April & May) & Summer (June - August) are the most popular times to travel in Greenland
  • For adventure activities, February - April is a great time when spring snow conditions are perfect for dog sledding & snowmobiling
  • July and the first half of August is mosquito season - pack bug nets if you plan to travel inland, or head to South Greenland
  • The Midnight Sun can be experienced between mid April and the end August

When is the best time to go?


March and April 

One of the best times to experience Greenland is in March and April. With the return of the sun after the long winter, warmth begins seeping back into the land and pristine snow conditions provide ideal conditions for dog sledding, snowmobiling, skiing and snowshoeing.

Early March is characterised by a haunting blue sky and crisp temperatures. As spring progresses the hours of daylight and temperatures steadily increase until the arrival of the Midnight Sun and 24 hours of light in April.

The town of Sisimiut on the west coast is the Greenland’s adventure capital and the place to head for at this time of year.




May to August

The Greenlandic summer begins around May-June, peaking in July and August when visitors numbers are at their highest.

Early summer’s warming temperatures and rapidly receding ice trigger the arrival of Greenland’s migratory visitors - including 60 species of migratory birds who come to nest and humpback whales in west Greenland - while the tundra becomes carpeted by wild flowers.

Improving weather invites exploration: experience the ice cap by camping out overnight, limitless trekking opportunities across the ice free tundra, or perhaps take to a kayak - originally introduced by Greenland’s Thule culture.

The opening up of the ice in west and south Greenland also sees the arrival of the first expedition ships. High summer is the busiest time in Greenland.



The seasons in The Arctic follow one another in rapid succession. By early September most birds will have headed south and already temperatures are decreasing. However, in east Greenland the pack ice at this time moves northwards offering a brief window to explore this remote and little visited coast by expedition ship, including Scoresby Sund and the fjords of Northeast Greenland National Park.

One big advantage of the drawing in of the night again is the chance to glimpse the Northern Lights, and few places offer such good prospects as Greenland.


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