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We understand the importance of this long anticipated trip and how crucial it is to get it 100% right. As pan-Arctic specialists we can guide you to exactly the right trip by helping you decide on:

  1. Where to go 

    We can show you the best places in the Arctic for seeing wildlife, encountering polar bears, watching the Northern Lights or whatever it is that is leading you north.

  2. When to visit

    Getting the timing right is always crucial. Optimal week for bear sightings in Churchill? Best dates for a Spitsbergen circumnavigation voyage? We know.

  3. How to travel 

    Whether its best to explore by expedition ship, tundra buggy, snowmobile or dog sled will very much depend on where and when you choose to go, and your appetite for adventure.

Choosing an Arctic holiday

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Swoops dedication and care to achieve a high value, high quality experience is exceptional. Staff are extremely knowledgeable about the ship, and the itinerary of the expedition and are able to offer the best advice to maximize the travel experience. Read the full review

Travelled: June 2018

Rob & Bonnie Lesnick - United States Of America

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On our first full day on the tundra we got very close to a mother and her two cubs, and on the second day we got very close to a big male bear. It was a wonderful trip and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Thanks again for all your help!

Travelled: October 2017

JW - Wyoming, USA

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We were really lucky with sightings; saw polar bears on four occasions, blue whales twice, lots of fin whales and about 70 beluga whales in an hour on one day, as well as a couple of lovely white arctic foxes and a few walruses.

Travelled: August 2017

Declan - UK

Yes speak to a Specialist who has personal experience of the Polar regions and state what your goals are. Personal experience is very important Read the full review

Travelled: June 2018

Cynthia & Filomena Smith (RAMALHOSO) - Canada

Andrew and I BOTH had the most amazing time. The trip was spectacular and the kayaking being the highlight of our trip . Thanks to you and all the team for all your help.

Travelled: August 2017

Karen Whittleworth - Greenland & Baffin Island


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