Why the Arctic?

In a world of vast creaking glaciers, majestic mountain formations, sparkling tundra and some of the most varied and impressive wildlife that exists on earth, the question is not 'why the Arctic', but when...

Experience the magic for yourself, with thrills for the body and fascination for the mind. Visit historical sites that are rich with stories of a remarkable past, discover vibrant artistic communities, watch whales breaching and polar bears hunting, and explore a frozen world by dog sled or kayak. It's hard to do justice to the depth of the experience. It is a sensory awakening, an emotive reconnection with nature, and a reminder of the power and beauty of nature on a scale rarely witnessed.

Adventure is waiting, and it's more unforgettable and special than you could imagine. Now you just need to figure out what your adventure looks like...

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What our customers think of Adventures in the Arctic

The Arctic feels like a parallel universe and it was a privilege to go. It showed me that there is so much more to explore and I can’t wait to do that. Read the full review

Travelled: June 2022

Helen Starkie Camejo - UK

Safety was the priority of our guides. The most memorable was cruising above 80° and "floating" among the ice and icebergs. Stunningly beautiful and an experience to behold forever!!!!! Read the full review

Travelled: June 2022

Carol Copeland - USA

Swoops website and knowledge is superb. Very satisfied with the voyage selected. Read the full review

Travelled: July 2019

Beverley Fisher - United Kingdom

I am very happy with all aspects of Swoop's help, support and involvement in this voyage. Read the full review

Travelled: June 2019

Steve Liu - United States of America

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Swoop's part in providing me with a 10 out of 10 trip was, as usual, efficient and trouble-free, and made life very easy in preparing for it. Read the full review

Travelled: November 2018

Val Chiswell - United Kingdom

There were several people at Swoop who assisted me but, especially, I was helped by Cassia who went way beyond what I could have expected - she is a jewel! Read the full review

Travelled: October 2018

Jay Lamb - United States of America

Swoop did a fantastic job helping us select a voyage. The ship and our cabin selection were perfect for us and more than met our expectations. Our pre-departure information arrived in a timely manner. Read the full review

Travelled: September 2018

Elaine Green - United States Of America

The service provided by Swoop was excellent. We'd like to thank Loli since she was the one who worked very hard to find us a spot on this trip. The communication with Swoop was fantastic since the first day. Loli didn't hesitate to call us whenever a new offer arrived, or just to answer our questions. Read the full review

Travelled: July 2018

Aurelio & Maria Jose Hernandez - Spain

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Talking to Swoop made all the difference for us. Being able to cut through all the detail to find the perfect trip for us was invaluable. Alex was able to ask us the questions that helped us crystallise what we actually wanted from such a trip. These trips aren't cheap so you want to be sure you're going to get something that's right for you. Swoop made that happen for us. Read the full review

Travelled: July 2018

Kay & Richard Howells (Baker) - United Kingdom

Swoop recommended a great voyage, their staff are so knowledgeable about the differences in the ships and the voyages. Read the full review

Travelled: July 2018

Natalie & Michael Whitehouse - United Kingdom

Swoop was great with providing all sorts of information up front in a timely manner Read the full review

Travelled: June 2018

Leslie & Nancy Steenbeke (Grossman) - United States Of America

Customer Image

Swoops dedication and care to achieve a high value, high quality experience is exceptional. Staff are extremely knowledgeable about the ship, and the itinerary of the expedition and are able to offer the best advice to maximize the travel experience. Read the full review

Travelled: June 2018

Rob & Bonnie Lesnick - United States Of America

Great service from Swoop and the trip was all I wanted. Read the full review

Travelled: June 2018

Elizabeth & Monique Mawhood - The Netherlands


Who are Swoop?

We're a group of wilderness-seekers, always searching for the road less travelled. We've been lucky enough to visit the ends of the earth for many years, and our network of partners and guides across Antarctica are as much friends as they are colleagues.

For us, adventure has always been a process of discovery, not only of our planet and its many hidden gems, but of ourselves. We believe that unforgettable adventures can change perspectives, so we've started out on our journey towards reducing our impact, and the impact of our customers, on the natural world we all enjoy. 

Adventures in the Arctic
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Luke says

I discovered a land at the top of the world that I fell in love with...the Arctic. Since then, I've made it my mission to help others who share my passion for the great outdoors, nature and wilderness, to embark on unforgettable adventures like mine.

Luke Errington Founder, Swoop Arctic

Want to learn more about the magical far north? Speak to one of our Antarctic experts today to find out what kind of adventure might be right for you.

What will I do on an Arctic expeditionary cruise?

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When to visit the Arctic

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