Why we like the Kapitan Khlebnikov cruise ship

  • No other ship has transitted the Northwest Passage as many times as the KK, testament to this ships 'go-anywhere' capabilities
  • Capable of carrying two helicopters giving some amazing opportunities to see the ice from a new angle
  • For such a large ship there are only 110 passengers on board meaning there is plenty of space for everyone
  • The sauna, pool and gym add a little extra for those who need them
  • A distinctly Russian style adds to the sense of being on a true expedition
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Brandon says

You can't help but feel like you are on a serious adventure with this ship. The Russian feel onboard adds to the excitement and the sheer power is staggering.

Brandon Hagg Polar Specialist

Technical Specifications

  • Passenger capacity: 110 passengers
  • Ice class rating: LL3
  • Size : 122.5m long x 26.5m wide
  • Power: 24,000 horsepower
  • Built: 1981
  • Other key features: The KK can cruise at close to 15 knots allowing for fast passage across the remotest waters in the world. She can navigate heavy ice and reach regions that others can't. Life on board is not luxurious but comfortable enough and there's heaps of space for everyone

Cabin Categories

*Note that the above measurements are approximate averages and exact cabin size can vary

All cabins aboard the KK have a private bathroom, large windows, desk hair dryer, robes and wardrobes.

Corner Suite

  • 2 cabins on Deck 6 and 2 cabins on Deck 7
  • The largest cabins on the ship
  • All Corner Suites have one double bed
  • Two windows and lounge area with a sofa bed, TV/DVD player, CD player, table, mini-fridge and two writing desks
Kapitan Khlebnikov - Arctic Ship


  • 2 cabins on Deck 6 and 1 cabin on Deck 7
  • All Suites have one double bed
  • Two windows and lounge area with a sofa bed, TV/DVD player, table, mini-fridge and writing desk
Kapitan Khlebnikov - Arctic Ship


  • 3 cabins on Deck 5, 1 on Deck 6, 1 on Deck 7 and 3 on Deck 8
  • All Triples have one lower berth, one sofa bed and one pull-down upper berth
  • One window, a writing desk, two wardrobes, a storage box and shelving
  • Average cabin size is 4.7m x 2.7m
Kapitan Khlebnikov - Arctic Ship


  • 4 cabins on Deck 5, 14 on Deck 6, 14 on Deck 7 and 4 on Deck 8
  • All Twins have one lower berth and one sofa bed
  • One window, a writing desk, wardrobe and storage shelves
  • Average cabin size is 4.7m x 2.7m
Kapitan Khlebnikov - Arctic Ship

Kapitan Khlebnikov Communal Areas

Whilst on board you can look forward to enjoying the heated indoor plunge pool, sauna, lounge, bar, polar library and polar boutique. There is also a theatre-style auditorium with daily presentations from the Expedition Team. 

Kapitan Khlebnikov Deck Plan

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