Why we like the Akademik Shokalskiy cruise ship

  • A legendary ice-strengthened ship renowned as much for her popularity amongst past travellers as for her manoeuvrability
  • Travelling to remote areas with only 48 people on board, The Shokalskiy embodies the true spirit of expedition cruising
  • Explore some of The Arctic’s least travelled places accompanied by world renowned polar specialists who make up the expeditionary staff
  • Typically attracting an international clientele of like minded adventurous travellers makes for stimulating conversations at meal times

Trips aboard Akademik Shokalskiy

Loli says

Technical Specifications

  • ​Passenger capacity: 48 passengers
  • Ice​ class rating: RMRS UL
  • Size​: 71.06m long x 12.82m wide
  • Built: 1982

Cabin Categories

Captain's Suite

  • Large lounge area, writing desk, wardrobe, drawers
  • Separate bedroom with double bed
  • Large windows facing forward and to the side to allow great views
  • Private bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin

Mini Suite

  • Large lounge area, writing desk, wardrobe, drawers
  • Separate bedroom with double bed
  • Windows
  • Private bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin

Superior Plus

  • Two lower berths
  • Wardrobe, drawers, writing desk
  • Windows
  • Private bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin


  • Bunk beds (upper and lower berth)
  • Wardrobe, drawers, writing desk
  • Windows
  • Private bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin

Main Deck Porthole

  • Two lower berths
  • Wardrobe, drawers, writing desk
  • Washbasin with nearby shared toilets and showers
  • Porthole window

Deck Plan

Onboard Communications

If whilst in the Arctic you wish to stay in touch, there are a number of options to choose from:

  • Full Internet access*: EUR15/20mb, EUR30/50mb, EUR60/100mb
  • Telephone card: EUR15/20 minutes
  • Ship-based email: EUR15 for a 7-10 day trip; EUR20 for a 10-12 day trip; EUR25 for a 18 day trip; EUR50 for a 30 day trip; 

Due to the remoteness of the location, the options available are only suitable for light data traffic, meaning that internet access or the uploading of images is not possible. Email access, however, is still available. 

Aboard Plancius, you benefit from full Internet access, which is subject to satellite connection signal (expect a much slower connection than at home, some pages can sometimes load for minutes). 

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