Churchill's location is key to all that happens here, it's the nook of land that is formed by the Churchill river that makes a big difference.

It's here where Hudson bay starts to freeze over each year and that ice is what polar bears are looking for; it's their favoured hunting ground and they come from miles around to wait for that ice. That's why you can all but guarantee sightings during October and November.

When winter really sets in and the bears are out on the frozen bay there's still a reason to be in Churchill. During January, February and March it is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights. With the bay frozen over the key source of humidity is eliminated and that means clear skies. That location comes into play again as Churchill is directly under the Aurora belt.

That location isn't done yet though as in July and August beluga whales gather in their thousands at the mouth of Hudson River to breed.

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