Why we like the M/S Malmo

  • A piece of maritime history with beautiful brass details and wooden decks
  • Maximum of 15 passengers; feels like travelling on a private yacht - enjoy exclusive access to the marine environment
  • Knowledgeable and personal crew
  • Can get to remote destinations
  • Fully refitted and ice-strengthened to expedition standards

Voyages aboard the M/S Malmo

Cabin Categories

Private Twin (4)

4 twin cabins with porthole, private toilet and shower.

1 single upper and lower berth.

Public Twin (2)

2 twin cabins with porthole, washbasin, shared facilities (toilet and showers to be shared in the corridors).

1 single upper and lower berth.

Private Triple - (1)

1 triple cabin with porthole, private toilet and shower.

2 single lower and 1 upper berths.

Deck Plan

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