Cape Merry

A lone cannon stands as a memory of the value of the fur trade at the site of this 17th-century fort. Visitors can explore and learn how the region was settled and developed. During the beluga whale migration (July & August) this is a great viewpoint from which to see the white whales in the estuary of the Churchill River.

Map of Cape Merry

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Trips that visit Cape Merry

Chasing the Northern Lights in Churchill

Winter in Hudson Bay is cold but also very dry and that means clear skies and at this latitude that is perfect for spotting the northern lights from a variety comfortable, heated viewing platforms. Day time activities include dog sledding…

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  • $5,995
Churchill Polar Bear Adventure: Tundra & Town

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Classic Churchill Polar Bear Safari

Encounter the King of The Arctic up close, with an exceptionally high chance of sightings in October and November. Small groups explore the tundra in exclusive vehicles with a specialist guide when the bear migration reaches its peak. You will…

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Ultimate Polar Bear & Arctic Safari

For the ultimate polar bear and High Arctic experience, look no further. Two full days of polar bear spotting are combined with dog sledding, flightseeing by helicopter to a bear’s denning site and the chance to see the shimmering Northern…

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Classic Polar Bear Photographic Safari

This polar bear photo safari provides the best possible opportunity and environment in which to capture images of the world’s largest living land carnivore. Three full days out on the tundra, near guaranteed sightings and the chance to observe these…

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Belugas, Bears and Summer Flora

An incredible opportunity to experience the 60,000 beluga whales congregating in Hudson Bay in July and August each year, with experienced guides to teach you about these cannaries of the sea. Visit regions frequented by polar bears and witness the…

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  • $4,239