Life Before Swoop 

Growing up outside of Chicago, my love of the outdoors originated exploring the woods and lakes in Northern Wisconsin. I studied Spanish and Latin American studies at universityand a career in adventure travel followed, arranging custom trips to Central America. It was on my early travels that I developed a passion for photography.  

My Polar Experience 

In the Arctic I've sailed through the pack ice in Spitsbergen searching for polar bears, seen the northern lights in the Canadian Arctic and explored the largest fjord system in the world (East Greenland).

My first polar trip was to the Antarctic Peninsula in November 2015. In addition to all my Arctic adventures, I have since returned to the Peninsula several times, I've been fortunate to visit the largest black browed albatross colony in the world in the Falklands and hike the historic Shackleton route from Fortuna Bay to Stromness on South Georgia.

The Arctic is so diverse and I've had so many different spectacular experiences that it's very difficult to narrow it down to a favorite. However, I'll never forget one of the most epic sunrises I've ever seen on an early September morning while cruising through the brash ice in Scoresby Sund, East Greenland. I stood on deck for over an hour watching the clouds change from every shade of pink and orange. The colors, icebergs and surrounding mountains were reflecting on the glass like sea creating the most stunning landscape. I have a large metal print from that sunrise hanging on my wall at home so I get to re-live that morning everyday! 

Day to Day at Swoop 

As a polar specialist, I love spending my days chatting about all the exciting voyages we offer. With so many polar trips and ships to choose from, I understand that choosing a voyage can feel overwhelming. I use my first hand knowledge to assist in explaining the differences in the ships and voyages,​ and can give insight into expedition experience that each vessel​ offers. 

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