North Pole

What is it?

The northernmost point on earth. The geographic North Pole is the point at which the Earth's axis of rotation meets the surface, in the centre of the Arctic Ocean. Visitors here will be treading in the footsteps of just a very few lucky explorers, and will earn the ultimate bragging rights.

How can I see it?

To get to the geographic North Pole you can board a nuclear powered ice-breaker, fly in on a helicopter or take part in a hauled-sled expedition. Getting there is a huge part of the experience!

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Trips that visit North Pole

Quest For The North Pole

For the ultimate Arctic achievement, board this mighty nuclear icebreaker to stand at the top of the world at 90 degrees north. The voyage is further enhanced by strong chances of polar bear sightings, helicopter flightseeing and a visit to…

  • 13 or 14 Days
  • $33,495
North Pole in Luxury

Reach the top of the world in serious comfort onboard a state-of-the-art luxury, hybrid-powered icebreaker. Travel north through icebound waters and join the exclusive list of intrepid explorers who have visited the geographical North…

  • 16 Days
  • $37,160