Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago

Separated from Russia's mainland by the Vilkitsky Strait, the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago  is a 37,000-square-kilometre collection of islands. Although largely uninhabited, and home to some of the coldest seas on the planet, the area is home to important research stations which monitor global warming, among other things. 

Map of Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago

Trips that visit Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago

Terra Incognita: The Northeast Passage

An odyssey from Anadyr to Murmansk - retrace the route of legendary explorer Nordenskiöld across the top of Russia. Navigate narrow fjords, search for unique wildlife, glimpse into the past and experience the warmth of Arctic hospitality in local villages…

  • 27 Days
  • $21,900