The Port city of Murmansk lies 2 degrees within the Arctic and is considered to be the largest city north of the Arctic Circle. The city is important in helping people access the North Pole.

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Trips that visit Murmansk

Russian High Arctic Island Explorer

Go where very few people go on this unique journey to the Russian High Arctic. Explore the ice-trapped lands of the Kara sea and Novaya Zemlya, visit Franz Josef and best of all, ice permitting, explore Severnaya Zemlya, one of…

  • 22 Days
  • $15,495
Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya

Explore two of the most isolated archipelagos in the world, rich in wildlife and history the rugged shores of Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya are an explorer’s…

  • 16 Days
  • $10,345
Quest For The North Pole

For the ultimate Arctic achievement, board this mighty nuclear icebreaker to stand at the top of the world at 90 degrees north. The voyage is further enhanced by strong chances of polar bear sightings, helicopter flightseeing and a visit to…

  • 13 or 14 Days
  • $33,495
Terra Incognita: The Northeast Passage

An odyssey from Anadyr to Murmansk - retrace the route of legendary explorer Nordenskiöld across the top of Russia. Navigate narrow fjords, search for unique wildlife, glimpse into the past and experience the warmth of Arctic hospitality in local villages…

  • 27 Days
  • $21,900