Your passport should be valid for the duration of your trip and for another 6 months beyond your return.

Visa applications

Your nationality and the countries you are travelling through on route to the Arctic will influence whether you need to apply for a visa or not. Unless you are travelling through Russia, full visas are generally not required (although Canada does require an eTA).

We highly recommend you contact us or visit CIBT Visas to check what you need for your trip.

Need support for your visa application?

Swoop is happy to provide any documentation you may require for your visa. We ask for £25 GBP per visa to cover the administration costs involved, please ask your Customer Experience Coordinator for more details.

Visas & travel documentation
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If you are travelling to the Arctic for longer than 90 days, visa requirements will change. Make sure you check the right requirements for the length of your trip.

Other important information

Arranging insurance

Arranging insurance

Although it's not included in the price of your trip, travel insurance is a mandatory requirement that every traveller is responsible for arranging themselves.

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